Research Center Introduction

We, Corron, will always do our best.

Corron Co., Ltd is a company that manufactures and supplies high-precision high-speed manufacturing machines and electronic discharger manufacturing machines. Based on our technology know-hows in the field of high-precision, we research and develop various products such as special machine and more to meet our customer’s needs.

Through establishment and operation of research institute, we will actively promote the development of control devices, automation equipment, and High Tech HSC and EDM solutions activity in order to continue new product development that meet customer’s needs.

 Research center operation direction
  • Promote exclusive technology development that meet customer’s different needs
  • Long-term growth of company through investment in professional human resources
  • Securing company and product competitiveness by developing various new products
  • Improved corporate reliability by developing customized products

 Major research fields
  • Developed high-speed manufacturing machine that maximizes flexibility and efficiency (small-sized high-precision, small and medium size)
  • Development of electronic discharger manufacturing machine with stability and high accessibility (specializing in machine parts field)
  • Development of High Tech HSC and EDM solution included in automation equipment