CEO Message

We, Corron, will always do our best.

“Corron is faithful to fundamentals.”

Based on 30 years of accumulated Technology,

Corron has done our best to develop product and made more efficient production than competitors. 

Thank you for visit our Homepage of Corron Co., Ltd.

Corron has developed High-Precision HSC, EDM, LASER MACHINE, High Speed machine for graphite and glass, Twin-Head EDM and Automation System continuously,

as well as Retrofitting Service for efficient use. 

We run the Machine laboratory in Germany and Korea, where the overall development is in Germany and the partial development in Korea. All machines are 100% manufactured in Korea with high quality.

I promise to provide High Quality, Reasonable Price,

Best Service for Customer's satisfaction.

Thank you.

Corron Co., Ltd. President,

 Kim Jin-il