EDM Line

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Gantry Twin Head

Strong charging power and two separate control systems

- Giant twin head system with two separate controllers

- Due to simultaneous operation, high-efficiency and high-speed for large workpieces

- Up/down movable automatic tank• Fully simultaneous setting of 3 axes angle

EDM Twin Head offers

- Customizable options for Gantry or Column type

- No axial deflection and restrictions on feed distance (Gantry type)

- EDM fluid system with automatic cooling device offers the con- sistency of the operational conditions (option: backwashing filter)

- AC servo direct drive for most effective dynamic control

- Fully simultaneous CNC path control on PC basis with Windows operating system

- High-power generator technology exoplus+ with optimized erosion        process

- Optimum ratio of travel paths and installation space

- Optimized for graphite electrode due to an application of FPGA (field   programmable gate array)

- Connection to various automatic systems possible

High accuracy of 0.005mm or less at +3,000mmstroke

Options for customized equipment such as ATC

Various options such as up/down movable automatictank, rapid filling and draining of discharge fluids etc

  Specifications of Facilities : 
      Gantry Twin Head

  Specifications of Facilities : Gantry Twin Head

Column/ Gantry optional
Traverse paths X x Y x Z
4,000 x 1,200 x 600 ㎜
Machine table
4,200 x 1,400 ㎜
5,000 x 1,600 x 800 ㎜
Distance table/quill min./max
600 / 1,200 ㎜
Electrode weight max.
Workpiece weight max
15,000 kg*
Filling height tank
750 ㎜
Dimensions, total W x D x H
8,030 x 3,740 x 4,200 ㎜
Generator current
120 A
Mains supply
380 V, Ds, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
38 kVA

* Customizing